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Fine Arts

Girl smiling while coloring.

Michelle Force

Fine Arts Coordinator

Annie Howard
Asst. Fine Arts Coordinator

Emily Gifford
Theatre Manager


"The future belongs to a very different kind of person with a very different kind of mind... artists, inventors, designers, storytellers, caregivers, consolers, big picture thinkers." Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind

Students throughout the Adrian Public School system have the chance to develop their artistic gifts through Adrian Public Schools commitment to the fine arts.

All buildings have dedicated art, choral and instrumental music rooms. The high school has a 630-seat state-of-the-art theater which is used for performances beginning with elementary school students.


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Arts for All

As part of the curriculum, APS provides elementary music and art classes to all K-5 students. Students in 6th-12th grade can enroll in Band, Choir, Orchestra, and a variety of Visual Arts classes. Adrian High School offers 2D Design, Ceramics, 3D Sculpture, Jewelry, Painting, IB Art, Photography, and Studio Art. Additionally, AHS students may elect Piano, Guitar, Drama, and Dance.

Beginning at Elementary grade levels, students can participate in exciting Drama Programs that will have young students performing at the High School 'PAC'. Students at  Springbrook Middle School and Adrian High School, desiring to expand their horizons even further, have the opportunity to participate in musicals and plays in the amazing Julianne and George Argyros Performing Arts Center.

Adrian Public Schools is proud to have partners as well as host presentations by local, national, and international artists, dancers, and musicians.

There are also a myriad of after-school programs and field trips at all levels which cater to the artistic and performance curiosity of students of all ages.

Art Shows & Events

Upcoming Events

Please click the link here ... or an item below, for an list of our upcoming events for 2023-2024.

Digital Art Show

Maple artists have created in the classroom and within their virtual classrooms.  We are excited to present a taste of their work in this APS K-12 Artalicious Event for October 2022.  [Click here to view our Gallery]

Adrian Public Schools Fall Art Show 2023-2024

APS K-12 Exhibition: Adrian District Library 2022-2023

Adrian Public Schools K-12 Winter Exhibition 2023-2024

Theater Productions

"The Puffs"
- November 17-19

"The Addams Family"
- April 18-21

"The Taming of the Shrew"
- October 12-14

"Seussical, Jr."
- February 1-3

Michener Elementary Musical
   "The Jungle Book Kids"
- November 30th

Lincoln Elementary Musical
   "Drama Club Perfomance (TBD)"
- May 23-24

Prairie Elementary Musical
  "Drama Club Perfomance (TBD)"
- May 3rd

Alexander Elementary Musical
   "Drama Club Perfomance (TBD)"
- March 15


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Emily Gifford

Theater Manager

Mike Brink

Middle School Art

Jennifer Eichorn

Elementary Art

Andrea Miller

High School Art

Sarah Youtsey

Elementary Art

Scott Leake


Ken Kintner

Theater Technician

Steve Antalek

Middle/High School Choir

Victoria Beagle

Middle/High School Art

Michelle Force

Middle School Choir

Aaron Mykeloff

High School Band/ELM Music

Jacquese Miloser

Elementary Music

Barb Schenck

Elementary  Music

Leslie Rubio

Middle/High School Orchestra

Sheri Powers

Middle School Band

Annie Howard

High School Art

Tanya Smith