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International Baccalaureate

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Marie Lucius

International Baccalaureate DP Coordinator

IB Diploma Programme


Adrian High School is an International Baccalaureate World School, offering the full IB Diploma Programme to students in Grades 11 and 12. Since 2011, students have been challenging themselves through the IB Diploma Programme, which is internationally considered to be a rigorous, university-preparation program. Students looking to challenge themselves academically find that the IB program offers an experience that not only looks good on university applications, but also prepares them to be successful in higher-level study after high school.

Students can take a “full IB Diploma Programme” course load, and complete 3 Higher Level courses, 3 Standard Level courses, an integrated course called “Theory of Knowledge,” a written assignment called the Extended Essay, and a leadership project.

Completing the aforementioned coursework and passing the exams with a minimum composite score of 24 points allows students to earn an additional diploma on top of their Adrian High School diploma.

Students not interested in the full program can still take individual courses and earn college credit through successfully completing all of the course and exam requirements.

Many students choose to blend IB coursework with other offerings through Adrian High School, such as dual enrollment opportunities.

IB courses focus on curriculum and content, but also the students as a whole, helping them develop international mindedness in an ever changing world.  In addition there is a focus on the characteristics of students as individual and learners through the IB Learner Profile.

For even more information regarding how the IB experience could help prepare your future, please click on one of the resources below.

IB and Learner Profile Video

IB TOK and CAS exibition 


What are the prerequisites for students interested in doing the full IB Diploma Programme?

It is recommended that students take the following courses to prepare for IB study:

  • Honors Biology (to be prepared for IB Biology SL)
  • Honors Chemistry (to be prepared for IB Chemistry SL or HL)
  • Spanish 3 (to be prepared for Spanish 4 and IB Spanish)
  • Geometry and Algebra II (to be prepared for IB Math Studies or IB Math SL)
  • Honors English 9 & 10 (to be prepared for IB Literature HL)
  • Art & Design (to be prepared for IB Visual Art SL or HL)

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for students in the IBDP?

The IBDP is a rigorous and challenging academic program. Historically, students with a 3.0 GPA or higher are the most successful in the full IBDP. However, we don’t want GPA to be a barrier to student participation if they are determined and motivated. Therefore, if a student does not have an 3.0 GPA, we ask that they receive a recommendation from their teachers in all classes where their course grade is lower than a B.

What if my student doesn’t have Algebra II completed by the end of Sophomore year?

Students who do not have Algebra II completed by the end of their Sophomore year need to take Algebra II online over the summer in order to be prepared for an IB Math course. This can be arranged with the IB counselor, Janet Frank.

What if my student doesn’t have the three years of language needed to take the IB Spanish courses?

Students who do not meet the minimum language requirement of three years of Spanish experience can enroll in an online Spanish course through our online partners, Pamoja. The cost of this course is covered by the school, with the expectation that the student remains in the full IB Diploma Programme for the duration of the year.

Can my student still take elective classes while doing the IBDP?

Elective spaces are very limited for IB students, as they have 6 mandatory courses they must take, which locks in the schedule. Students in their Junior year have one elective space in both trimester 1 and trimester 2, and students in their Senior year have one elective space during all three trimesters.

How long are the IB classes?

IB classes at Adrian run for either one year, or two. Typically, students take the most IB classes during their junior year, and complete one or two SL courses, which allows for increased focus on their two-year HL courses.

What type of student is successful in the full IB Diploma Programme?

Successful students in the IB Program are students who...

  • Are interested in going to university when they graduate
  • Are willing to work hard and accept challenges
  • Are self motivated
  • Have good time management skills

How do students actually get the IB Diploma?

After two years in the IB Diploma Programme, students are eligible for their diploma if they meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 24 minimum overall
  • 12 points from their three (or more) HL classes
  • No 1s
  • Only two 2s (or less)
  • No failed TOK or Extended Essay
  • Completed CAS

How does my student get college credit for their IB classes? Is it automatically awarded?

Students are not automatically awarded credit at their universities for completing their classes at Adrian High School. Instead, it is the composite score they receive in their IB course that aligns with the universities’ credit policies. The scores range between a 7 and a 1. This score is a composite score of both submitted work that is externally graded by the IB; work that is internally graded by teachers at Adrian High School, but moderated by the IB; and exams that the students take in the spring.

Most commonly, schools will give credit for scores 5 and higher, if they are in HL courses. Some schools will allow students to progress to a higher level class if they had an SL course.

What is the biggest struggle for students entering the full IB Diploma Programme?

The students who select the full IB Diploma Programme are often students who are smart and engaged students. However, the IB DP is the most rigorous academic opportunity offered at Adrian High School, so many students find that in past courses, they could get A’s with only a middling effort, but that accomplishing an A in an IB class required additional time and intellectual energy. Similarly, with additional academic challenges, students find that they need to learn how to manage their time more efficiently.

How much does it cost for students to be in the IB Diploma Programme and take the exams?

Adrian High School covers the full cost of the IB DP exams. However, if students choose to not complete the requirements or exams, they will be asked to reimburse the school for the cost of registration and the cost of the exams.