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International Exchange Program

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Angie Schaffer

International Programs Coordinator

Advanced Placement Program

Adrian High School is the academic home for students across the globe!

Every year, Adrian High School hosts many students from around the world. Students who have applied for F1 and J1 visas and have been placed with a host family have the opportunity to study at Adrian High School, participate in clubs, and compete with our sports teams.

What is the academic experience at AHS?

Students are placed into courses that are based on their academic level. International students are encouraged to select courses within both the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the Advanced Placement Program.

Can international students participate in clubs and sports?

Yes, of course! We are so excited to welcome international students on our teams. Many teams have multiple levels, so even if you are simply trying something new, there is a spot for you!

Please Note: If you are a student who is in their second year studying in the U.S., you may not compete in a sport. However, you can be the team manager and participate in practices, workouts, and other perks of joining a team!

Will my classes transfer back home?

Most of the time, yes! Adrian High School works very hard to be sure that we convalidate your transcripts with your home country's requirements.

Can I graduate from Adrian High School?

If you are a Grade 12 student, you can graduate from AHS! You need to take and pass all of the classes that are a graduation requirement, but for many students, this is not a problem.

What agency should I work with to come to Adrian High School?

We work with many agencies, including...

Educatius - Educatius Group is the largest organization worldwide dedicated exclusively to high school programs abroad for international students...

PAX - A global community of people who are open minded and appreciate cultural differences, because we believe such a community is a fertile field for justice, peace, and prosperity...

Student Exchange - Student Exchange began in 2013 blending the cultural and academic exchange experience into one well-rounded opportunity for middle and high-school-aged international students...

CIEE -  A nonprofit study abroad and intercultural exchange organization that transforms lives and builds bridges between individuals and nations by sponsoring a wide variety of opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences...

CHI - Excelling at promoting international understanding and goodwill through people-to-people exchanges since 1980...