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Registration Information

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Enroll Now

Forms required to enroll in the Adrian Public Schools are available through this website.

Parents (or legal guardians) must complete the enrollment process in person. Please do not mail or fax enrollment forms or birth certificates.

Supporting Documentation

If you have started the enrollment process but need to submit supporting documentation, such as the immunizations or proof of vision exam (kindergarten only), you may send it via fax to (517) 265-5381. Please be sure that every fax includes your child’s name and school.

Enroll Your Child

Children must be five years old by September 1st and no later than December 1st in order to attend Kindergarten.

Please call (517) 264-6640 with questions.

Resident Student Enrollment Instructions

  • Review immunization requirements and obtain any necessary immunizations.
  • Determine residency status, if necessary. Call 517-264-6640 if you are unsure.
  • Complete appropriate forms (see below).
  • Deliver the completed forms and additional required documents to the school building during the regular school year or to the Administrative Offices at Adrian High School, 785 Riverside Avenue during the summer.

Registration must be done in person and by a parent or legal guardian.

Documents Required for Student Enrollment

Original documents are required. Copies will be made and originals will be returned to parent. Required forms are available for printing below.

Required for every new K-12 resident student:

Proof of Residency

Students must attend the school district in which their parent or legal guardian maintains their legal residence. Change of guardianship is not permitted for the purpose of attending a specific school/school district. Proof of legal residence is required by the school district of a parent/guardian when enrolling a student.

Acceptable forms of proof of residency include:

  • Copy of a property tax statement
  • Mortgage documents that prove ownership
  • Copy of a lease agreement
  • Copy of a utility bill
  • Age of majority students will be required to provide the same information

Child's Original/Certified Birth Certificate (PA 84 of 1987)

A person enrolling a student for the first time must provide the school with a certified copy of the student's birth certificate (PA 84 of 1987). Failure to comply with this request, or if the documents are inaccurate and/or suspicious in nature, will result in the school sending parent/guardian notification of the need to comply within 30 days or the matter will be referred to the local law enforcement agency.

Official Immunization Record

State law requires all new school entrants to be immunized against Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Polio, Varicella (Chickenpox) and DTaP/DTP/DT. Upon entering the 6th grade or higher students must have the Meningococcal vaccination (PA 386, Section 92 of 1978 as amended). Parents/guardians must provide the school with a record showing that their child has received all of these required immunizations or a wavier must be signed. Children who have not completed the required immunizations will be excluded from school until such requirements are met.

The Lenawee County Health Department is located in the Human Services Building located at 1040 S. Winter Street, Adrian, MI. You may contact them at 264-5226 regarding immunizations.

Guardianship Paperwork (if applicable)