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Section A: Foundations & Basic Commitments

Section A of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system is a repository for statements related to the district’s legal role in providing public education and the underlying principles on which the district operates. The policies in this section provide a setting for all of the school board’s other policies.

AD Educational Philosophy (PDF)

AE School District Goals and Objectives (PDF)

Section B: School Board Governance and Operations

Section B of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system is a repository for statements about the school board – how it is elected, organized; how it conducts its meetings and operates. This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board’s internal operating procedures.

BB School Board Legal Status (PDF)

BBA Board Member Authority and Responsibilities (PDF)

BBB Nominations and Elections (PDF)

BBE Vacancies/Filling Unexpired Terms (PDF)

BCA Annual Organizational Meeting (PDF)

BCB Organization of the School Board (PDF)

BCE Board Committees (PDF)

BCEA Ad Hoc Board Committees (PDF)

BCEB Standing Board Committees (PDF)

BCEB-RA Finance Committee (PDF)

BCEB-RB Curriculum Committee (PDF)

BCEB-RC Personnel Committee (PDF)

BCG Duties of the Counsel (PDF)

BD Board of Education-Public Meetings-Temporary Officers (PDF)

BDA Regular Meetings (PDF)

BDB Special Meetings (PDF)

BDDA Posting of Board of Education Meeting Notices (PDF)

BDDAB Notification to Members for Special Meeting (PDF)

BDDB Order of Business at Regular and Special Business Meetings (PDF)

BDDC Agenda Preparation and Dissemination (PDF)

BDDD Quorum (PDF)

BDDG Approval of Closed Session Minutes (PDF)

BDDH Public Sessions (PDF)

BDDHA Citizen Participation/Board Meetings (PDF)

BDE Student Participation – Hearings (PDF)

BEBA Remote Participation in Board Meetings

BFC Policy Adoption (PDF)

BFCA Policy Adoption – Bylaws (PDF)

BFG Head Start/Board of Education Shared Governance Policy and Procedures (PDF)

BFG-R Administrative Guidelines for Head Start/Board of Education Shared Governance Policy (PDF)

BFH Head Start/Board of Education Internal Dispute Resolution (PDF)

BHD Compensation and Expenses (PDF)

BL Special Elections (PDF)

BLA Polling Places (PDF)

Section C: General School Administration

Section C of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements about the school district management, the administrative structure, school building and department administration. It also is the location for personnel policies that pertain to one individual – the superintendent.

CBC Contract Renewal (PDF)

CCA Adrian Public Schools Organizational Chart (PDF)

CCB Line of Responsibility (PDF)

CD Management Team (PDF)

CFA Sharing School Safety Information (PDF)

CGCA State and Federal Programs Advisory Committee Policy (PDF)

CN Resolving Public Complaints (PDF)

Section D: Fiscal Management

Section E: Support Services

Section E of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements on non-instructional services and programs, including most of those that fall in the area of business management such as safety, buildings and management (not construction), transportation, and food services.

EBBB School Bus Accident Review Policy (PDF)

EBCC Bomb Threats (PDF)

EEA Transportation Policy/Procedure (PDF)

EEAA Student Code of Conduct Bus Rules (PDF)

EEBA Vehicle Use Policy (PDF)

EFB Free or Reduced Price Lunch Policy Statement (PDF)

EFC Energy Management Conservation (PDF)

EFC-R Energy Management Conservation Guidelines (PDF)

EFCA Sale of Food (PDF)

Section F: Facilities Development

Section F of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements on school construction, remodeling, and modernizing, temporary facilities and facilities retirement plans.

FA Facilities Development and Renovation (PDF)

FEC Facilities Development Plans and Specifications (PDF)

FF Naming New Facilities/Renaming Existing Facilities (PDF)

Section G: Personnel

Section G of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for personnel policies. This section has three main subdivisions: subsection GB presents policy topics that pertain to all employees; subsection GC is for policies that pertain to professional personnel who must hold certification by the state to serve in their positions; subsection GD is for policies pertaining to support, or non-certificated, personnel.

GBA Equal Opportunity (PDF)

GBAA Nondiscrimination (PDF)

GBAA-R Discrimination Procedures (PDF)

GBC Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 “HIPAA” (PDF)

GBC-R Administrative Procedures/HIPAA (PDF)

GBCA Emergency Anaphylaxis (PDF)

GBCB Anti-Harassment (PDF)

GBCB-R Administrative Procedures/Anti-Harassment (PDF)

GBCC Child Abuse Reporting (PDF)

GBCC-R Administrative Procedures/Child Abuse Reporting (PDF)

GBCD Title IX Sexual Harassment

GBEA OSHA – Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (PDF)

GBEA-R Administrative Procedures/OSHA – Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF)

GBEAA Abortion Referrals

GBEB Drug-Free Workplace (PDF)

GBEB-R Administrative Procedures/Drug-Free Workplace (PDF)

GBEBA Dress Code Policy (PDF)

GBEC Americans with Disabilities Act (PDF)

GBEC-R Administrative Procedure/ADA Complaints (PDF)

GBED ADA Reasonable Accommodation Policy (PDF)

GBEE Social Security Number Policy (PDF)

GBEE-R Administrative Procedures/Social Security Number Policy (PDF)

GBG Anti-Bullying Policy (PDF)

GBGA Temporary Remote Work

GBGD Workers’ Compensation (PDF)

GBGD-R Administrative Procedures/Workers’ Compensation (PDF)

GBK Tobacco Free Schools (PDF)

GBK-R Administrative Procedures/Tobacco Free Schools (PDF)

GBN Alcohol Use on School Property (PDF)

GBQ Website Use (PDF)

GBQ-R Website Use – Administrative Procedures (PDF)

GCBD Family and Medical Leave Rights (PDF)

GCBD-R Administrative Procedures – Family & Medical Leave Rights (PDF)

GCBE Pre-employment Physical Examination 

GCD Staff Hiring (PDF)

GCOA Staff Performance Evaluations

GCPA Teacher Placement (PDF)

GCPB Administrative Placement (PDF)

GCPD Acceptance of Employee Resignation (PDF)

GCQ Technology Use Policy (PDF)

GCQ-R Employee Network Access Regulations (PDF)

GCQA Teacher Reduction and Recall (PDF)

GCQB Administrative Reduction and Recall (PDF)

GCQF Teacher Discipline (PDF)

GDQ Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy (PDF)

GDQ-R Administrative Regulations/Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy (PDF)

Section H: Negotiations

Section H of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements pertaining to the process of negotiating with staff units recognized by the school board.

Section I: Instruction

Section I of the ESP/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements on the instructional programs: basic programs, special programs, activities programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.

IFA Curriculum Development and Evaluation (PDF)

IFAA Released Time for Curriculum Development (PDF)

IFB Pilot Programs (PDF)

IFB-R Pilot Programs Regulations (PDF)

IGA Program of Studies (PDF)

IGAC Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Religion (PDF)

IGAD Career Education Philosophy (coming soon) (PDF)

IGAH Family Life Education (PDF)

IGAH-R Family Life Education – Revised 2017 (PDF)

IGDB Student Publications (PDF)

IGDJ Membership Resolution to Michigan High School Athletic Association (PDF)

IHD Student Schedules and Course Loads (PDF)

IHG Independent Research Credit – High School (PDF)

IIA Textbook/Workbook/Student Supplies (PDF)

IIAA Adoption of Textbooks (PDF)

IIAC Library Materials Selection (PDF)

IIBE Video Programming Policy (PDF)

IIBE-R Video Programming Policy Regulations & Procedures (PDF)

IICAA Field Trips (PDF)

IICAA-R Field Trips – Administrative Procedures (PDF)

IICC School Volunteer Program (PDF)

IICC-R Administrative Guidelines for School Volunteer Program (PDF)

IID Student On-line - Blended Learning Policy (PDF)

IIJ Testing Out (PDF)

IIJ-R Testing Out Procedures (PDF)

IKC Honor Points – Advanced Placement (PDF)

IKE Student Progress (PDF)

IKEA Diploma and Certificate of Completion (PDF)

IKFA Graduation Requirements Beginning with the Class of 2011 (PDF)

IKFA-R Graduation Requirements Guidelines/Modifications (PDF)

IKFB Graduation Exercises – Board Participation (PDF)

IKFC College Credit (PDF)

IKFD Requirements for Accepting Credit from Home Schools or Non-Accredited Schools (PDF)

INB Teaching Controversial Issues in the School (PDF)

INB-R Teaching Controversial Issues in the School - Revision (PDF)

Section J: Students

Section J of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements concerning students – admissions, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare services. However, all policies pertaining to the instruction of students, and extracurricular programs and the curriculum are filed in the I (Instruction) section.

JB Equal Education Opportunities/Section 504/ADA/Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (PDF)

JB-R Administrative Guidelines-Equal Education Opportunities/Section 504/ADA/Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) (PDF)

JC In-District Schools of Choice (PDF)

JCCD Emergency Opioid Care (PDF)

JCCD-R Emergency Opioid Care (PDF)

JECB Admission of Non-Resident Students/Tuition (PDF)

JECBA Student Foreign Exchange Policy (PDF)

JEDC School Year “Family Vacations”/Make-Up Privileges (PDF)

JEE Student Attendance and Tardy Policy (PDF)

JFA Formal Complaints Alleging Violation of Student Civil Rights (PDF)

JFC Code of Student Conduct (PDF)

JFC-R Code of Student Conduct Guidelines (PDF)

JFCA Suspension and Expulsion Policy/Procedure (PDF)

JFCB Corporal Punishment (PDF)

JFCE Technology Use Policy (PDF)

JFCE-R Student Network Access Regulations (PDF)

JFCH Alcohol Use on School Property (PDF)

JFCI Student Substance Abuse Policy (PDF)

JFCJ Dangerous Weapons in the Schools (PDF)

JFD Students Having Obtained the Age of Majority (PDF)

JFG Search of Pupil Lockers and Locker Content (PDF)

JFJ Limited Open Forum (PDF)

JFJ-R Limited Open Forum – Administrative Procedures (PDF)

JFK Athletes Code of Conduct (PDF)

JFL High School Student Transfer Eligibility for Athletics (PDF)

JH Child Abuse Reporting (PDF)

JH-R Administrative Procedures/Child Abuse Reporting (PDF)

JHC Homeless Education Assistance (PDF)

JHCC Communicable Diseases (PDF)

JHCC-R Administrative Procedures/Communicable Diseases (PDF)

JHCD Administering Medicines to Minor Pupils (PDF)

JHCD-R Procedures for Administering of Medication in Schools (PDF)

JHFA Elementary School Noon Supervision Policy (PDF)

JICJ  GPS Tracking Devices

JHFD Student Driving and Parking (PDF)

JJE Student Fundraising Activities (PDF)

JJE-R Administrative Regulations – Student Fundraising Activities (PDF)

JL Local Wellness Policy (PDF)

JL-R Administrative Procedures/Local Wellness Policy (PDF)

JLCE Emergency Anaphylaxis (PDF)

JLDBB Seclusion-Restraint Policy (PDF)

JLI Anti-Bullying Policy & Forms (PDF)

JN Student Fees, Fines and Charges (PDF)

JNA Student Community Service (PDF)

JO Student Records (PDF)

JO-R Administrative Procedures/Student Records (PDF)

Section K: School-Community Relations

Section L: Education Agency Relations

Section L of the EPS/NSBA policy classification system provides a repository for statements which concern the district’s relationship with other education agencies – other school districts, regional or service districts, private schools, colleges and universities, educational research organizations, and state and national education agencies.

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