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Lansing COVID Update 11-15/2020

November 15, 2020

This evening, the Governor and other public health officials ordered a three week pause in certain areas of the state to address concerns with rising COVID cases.  

How does this impact your children and APS?

APS will transition Adrian High School to remote learning on Wednesday and will remain on remote learning, under the order, until December 8th.  All athletic programs will be impacted as well.  The MHSAA immediately cancelled all current activities for athletics.

While the order does not impact in-person instruction for K-8, it does prohibit all extracurricular programs and other activities after school in all grades K-12.

The press conference today detailed the data behind why the decision was made to close only high schools.  Most of the outbreaks across the state were centered at the high school level.  We saw this recently in our own district.  

APS will continue to remain open for grades K-8 during this time period as well as Head Start and Early Head Start Programs.  An option for in person instruction continues to be my recommendation for us as a school district, and that was also re-affirmed by our Board of Education last Monday night when the Return to Learn Plan was reviewed and voted upon. 

In person instruction is essential for our students and our protocols are strongly endorsed by both the health department and local medical leaders.  During the course of the year we have had cases that surfaced in grades K-8.  However, in all cases, there were links to community spread as the root of the case, not instances of school spread.   We have not had any known cases where a K-8 student spread COVID to another student or staff member.  Masks, social distancing, public health expectations, and the work we are all doing is working on this very important front.  

Again, as we met with the HealthDepartment here in Lenawee County on Friday, there is not a high level of concern about school transmission.  The data does not show this is where it is happening within Lenawee County.  We need to be more concerned about family and friend transmission outside of school and increasingly within our own homes with those that are outside of our own "bubbles".

As we get more information in the next 12-16 hours we will share that with you.  In the meantime, thank you for all your efforts, stay safe, and GO MAPLES!!!

Bob Behnke 


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