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APS Update 09-01-2021

September 1, 2021

Welcome back and thank you to all of our staff and teachers for the great work of welcoming students back into the buildings.  We have had a big week considering that it's been almost 18 months since we had full transportation and full classes in our buildings.  This coupled with a fair amount of anxiety with COVID, has some parents and families on edge.  So let's remember to be patient and work with our students, staff, and fellow APS families.  Below are a few updates for the first week of school.


Transportation Update:

The start of the school year is a difficult time when it comes to transportation with our students.  The influx of route changes that takes place and the phone calls coming into First Student exceeds 100 calls a day.  As First Student routes last minute additions to buses and re-routes other students this takes time for them to catch up.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we work through this updating process.  This coupled with making sure our youngest students make it on the bus safely takes a lot of time in the early days of school with end of the day loading.

This is true at Springbrook where many of our 6th grade students are overwhelmed and adjust to finding their bus and getting to the bus the first days of school.  We of course hold those buses until all students get on, before sending them to the high school.  As students find their way from their last class to the proper bus things greatly improve from the first day to the next and so on.

With Adrian Public Schools having such a large footprint, elementary routes last year were exceeding 90 minutes.  This year, in an effort to reduce ride time, we are doing transfers at Adrian High School, instead of at each building.  For elementary school, school buses go to Adrian High School and students that need to transfer to another bus do so at that time.  This central transfer takes time in the early days of the year given that kids often forget what bus they ride.  As we work to ensure these kids get on the right bus that slows things down for other routes.  We know that each day gets easier for our littlest kids and soon they will know for certain what bus they ride and where it is to transfer.  Again, thank you for your understanding in this matter.  While this week has delays, the overall riding time for the fleet will be reduced for our elementary kids. 


COVID Updates:

We continue to work closely with the Health Department related to COVID cases and reporting.  When we are informed of a positive COVID case we conduct contact tracing and provide that information to the Health Department who makes the determination on who should quarantine and who does not need to.  The only way to avoid a quarantine is to be fully vaccinated and to have no symptoms.  I strongly encourage vaccination when possible and masking when possible so we can help APS keep our classrooms and buildings open.

Updates related to Covid cases will be reported on the District Website at: 

This is also an important reminder that if your child does test positive for COVID that you should contact the building so contact tracing can be started.  It is important that you or your child not come to school if you/they are COVID positive.  This should go without saying, but we are also hearing that there are examples of where COVID positive individuals were not quarantining during the summer months.  It is important that we all follow these expectations so we do not need to have other students and staff members moved into quarantine.


Homecoming Activities:

Homecoming this year is early and scheduled to take place Friday, September 17th at Maple Stadium with a 7pm kick-off.  Our Homecoming Parade will take place at 1pm.  Look for future information related to routes so you can help cheer on the Maples.  Students from all elementary schools will be lined up along the parade route this year.


In closing, thanks for helping us transition back to being fully open for our students and families.  I hope all of your students have a great third day of school and thank you for all your work and efforts to get the school year started and making each day better for all of our students!!!


Go Maples! 


Bob Behnke