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When should my child stay home from school?

November 10, 2021


For more information on when your child should stay home please click the attached flyer


When students will be sent home Revised 11/9/21

Students and staff should not go to school or any school related activities or sports if they are having symptoms of COVID-19 OR if they are waiting for their COVID-19 test results. If students have the following symptoms at school, they will be sent home.

Symptoms that exclude child from school:

● Fever of 100.4 or greater

● New onset cough/worsening cough

● Loss of taste or smell

● Extreme fatigue (feeling tired/weakness)

● Student is waiting for their COVID-19 Test Results


These symptoms are subject to change If a student is sent home for the above symptoms, they will be required to do a 10 day quarantine OR they can return with a note from a healthcare provider clearing them to return OR proof of a negative COVID test. If they do not have a health care provider, they may contact the Lenawee County Health Department at 517-264-5226 option 5 to speak to a public health nurse.

If the findings from the health care provider and testing find: Child/Staff has symptoms of COVID-19 and tests positive for COVID-19

● Child must stay out of school for 10 days from symptom onset and they must be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Child/Staff has symptoms of COVID but no testing was done:

● Child must stay out of school for 10 days from symptoms onset or can return with a note from a healthcare provider. Child/Staff has symptoms of COVID-19 and tests negative:

● They may return as long as they have been fever free for 24 hours. Child/Staff has been exposed to COVID-19 but has no symptoms:

● Child must complete full quarantine regardless if they have symptoms or not. The exception to this rule is the option to get a negative COVID test on either day 6 or day 7 of a quarantine to return on day 8. Home tests will not be accepted. Parents must make personal contact with the school on all the above scenarios and provide written documents from a health care provider before a student will be allowed to return to class.